Benefits of Kundalini

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini Yoga is a tantric based Sadhna. It is a direct path that teaches techniques to experience subtle spiritual existence at the physical level. The mode of expression is called Kundalini Awakening which means men and women focus on a serpent energy that is located at the base of the spine coiled 3 and1/2 times at Mooldhara, the root chakra at the Sacrum on the spinal column.

Through different forms of techniques such as HathaYogan, (asana and pranayama), Raja Yoga (control of mind and thoughts), Bhakti Yoga (prem, surrender), Laya Yoga (knowing ones true nature) or Mantra Yoga (resonance of sound), the Sadhak or practitioner aims to awaken Kundalini, the serpent energy lying dormant at the base of the spine and make Her unite with her Lord, Sadasiva, in the Sahasrara Chakra, the thousand petal lotus center.

As a methodology via the chakras the aspirant attains freedom from ignorance by dissociating from all limitations and identifying with non-dual blissful homogenous spirit called Brahman. This process progresses initially by detaching from cognition, then absorption by universal consciousness in ‘Oneness’ and finally attaining-dissolving in total Freedom or Liberation called Moksha.

Kundalini yoga, as a ‘tool’ is a process that helps cut through a state that reinstates in Gheranda samhita, ““There is no bond equal in strength to Maya and no power greater to destroy that bond than Yoga”.

The great power at the Manipur Chakra or slightly above the navel center, meets the left and right sympathetic chain ida and pingala with the Cerebrospinal axis (pg. 31, Kundalini Yoga, Swami Shivanada) on this chakra above the Muladhara chakra. It has a relationship with all chakras from muldhara upwards in genito-excretory, digestive, cardiac and respiratory functions and the chakras above aswell in Ajna and Sahasrara that are linked with Cerebral activity.

Beena Sharma talking about kundalini on a radio interview:



Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of natural healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels via heightened awareness that consciously connects with a higher nature of Self or divinity .That in turn strengthens the body-mind connection at the physical level, the emotional at the psyche level and the spiritual beyond the infinite level of fearlessness reinforced by the pure consciousness.

It has been observed that when Kundalini is consciously or unconsciously aroused and ascends within the spinal column in Sushuman nadi the brain transforms its power into vital hormones needed by the body and the seven chakra centers undergo a tremendous organic alteration. One observes psyche powers undergoing a transformation of great intelligence and change like clairvoyance, reading thoughts, connecting to angles or guides etc along with a biological change. Very obvious are the changes noticeable by sitting postures in Kundalini Yoga.

Basic benefits by Kundalini Yoga given are strength (Dridhata), Mudra gives Sthirata (steadiness), Pratyahara gives Dhairya (boldness), Pranayama gives Laghima (lightness of body). Dhyana gives Pratyakshatva (perception) of Self and Samadhi give Kaivalya (isolation) which is freedom or final beatitude for strong healthy lives.

Archetype serpent staff or snakes symbolically are held high in stature with power of magic and its magical healing rites from ancient times. The Yogis, Australian Aborigines, the Natives American, the Shamans, the Lamas, the Peruvian or Pueblos have known to use the process of connecting the lower sexual energies with higher Pituitary and Pineal Glands for mystical acts of the Brain into infinity. In Kundalini Yoga (pg. 150) Swami Shivananda states that especially for Brahmacharyas it is taught to them to transmute seminal energy into spiritual energy (Ojas Shakti) because it is this seminal energy that flows upwards into the brain for being stored up as spiritual force which is then used for contemplative purpose (Dhyana). All sorts of diseases of intestine and stomach are taken care for example by Sarvangasan. It stimulates the endocrine glands. Supplies blood to root of spine nerves, keeps the spine elastic and agile. The muscles of the back get pulled, stretched and relaxed. A good supply of blood keeps the movements nourished and muscular ailments at bay. The vertebral column soft and elastic keeps the abdomen, thigh toned and nourished well.

Some of the changes in physic-psycho-biologically as benefits of Kundalini I share here are few examples that have been medically tested and acknowledged via Kundalini yoga in recent times as,

Physical benefits observed:

The autonomic nervous system is in equilibrium, pulse rate reduces, blood pressure decreases, cardiovascular efficiency increases, lungs proficiency increases, gastrointestinal function improve, endocrine function normalizes, excretory functions improve, musculoskeletal flexibility and joint suppleness in motion increase and so on so forth.

Psychological benefits noticed:

Heightened sense of awareness in somatic and kinesthetic increase, mood swings improves, self-wellbeing, self- acknowledgement and self-realization increase, Adjustment increases, anxiety, stress and depression decrease, Anger diminishes, concentration increases, memory sharpens and social skills, learning ability improves and through symbolic coding depth of perception improve

Biochemical benefits showed for example in:

Decrease in glucose, sodium, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, increase in HDL cholesterol, white blood cell count decreases; hematocrit increases, hemoglobin increases, lymphocyte count increases, thyroxin increases, and serum protein increase.


The ego in mind and super-ego in brain are parts of the psychic device that connects the former to the mind and the later to the universal consciousness. The former takes one to confines of the five elements and generally in a limited area of investigation of the mind. Whereas, the latter is unconditional, open and connected to the brain’s white matter where it is seen it amplifies intuitional knowledge, empathy and telepathic interaction develops. Sharp memory, clarity of vision, slowing of aging, strength and creativity, communications with animals and birds transpires. There is a sense of calmness within and increased wisdom outside the intellect based education is invariably noticed.

The benefits of the biological change by Kundalini process has been observed mostly in symbolic language through disciplined practices in skillfully developing an aptitude for understanding of the enlightened path.

The evolutionary changes observed according to tradition are by and large eight major siddhis and some minor siddhis.

The eight major siddhis are:

(pg. 180, Kundalini yoga Shivanand, .S)

Anima…the yogi becomes as minute as possible

Mahima: he becomes as bid as he likes. Fill up the universe, or assume a Virat Swarupa.

Laghima: can make the body as light as possible and travel the skies.

Garima: make the body heavy like a mountain

Prapti: he acquires the power of extending and touching the sun and moon or the skies. Predicting future events, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, thought-reading, understand different languages of animals and birds. Know, unknown languages and cure all illnesses...

Prakamya: the yogi can dive and stay under water as long as possible. Trilnga swamiji of Benaras used to live six months under Ganga and six months on land. He could become invisible, become youthful or enter in another body (parakaya), living or dead. Shankara entered into the body of Raja Amaruka of Benaras. Tirumular entered the body of a shepherd and history tells us Raja Vikramadity did this too.

Vashitvam: taming wild animals and bringing them under ones control. Also bring men, woman and elements under subjection.

Ishivam: Attaining divine power the yogi becomes the Lord of the universe...

Minor siddhis:

(Kundalini yoga pg. 183)

Freedom from hunger and thirst.

Freedom from the effects of heat and cold.

Freedom from Rag-Dvesh

Clairvoyance and Doordrishti, Doora Pravachana…Clairaudience

Mano-Jaya: control of mind

Karma rupa: Take He can enter any form he likes

Parakaya Pravesha (kaya kalpa): Enter another living body, can animate a dead body or enter into it by transferring his soul.

Iccha-Mrityu: Death at Will

Devanam Saha Kreeda and Darshana: Playing with the Gods after seeing them.

Yatha Sankalpa: can get whatever he likes

Tri-Kala Jnana: Knowledge of past-present and future

Advandva: Going beyond the pairs of opposites

Vak-Siddhi: whatever predicted will come to pass, prophecy.

Turn base metal into gold.

Kaya-Vyuha: Taking as many bodies as the yogi likes to exhaust all his Karmas in one life.

Darduri-Siddhi: jumping power of a frog

Patala siddhi: Yogi becomes Lord of desire, destroys sorrows and diseases.

Yogi gets knowledge of his past life.

He gets knowledge of the planetary system

He gets the power of perceiving the Siddhas’

Mastery over (Bhuta Jaya) of elements and (Prana Jaya) Prana.

Kamachari: yogi moves to any place he likes

He gets omnipotence and omniscience

Vayu Siddhi: The yogi rises in the air and leaves the ground.

Point out the place where a hidden treasure lies.

Power of a Yogi

(pg. 183)

A yogi forgets the body in order to concentrate the mind on the Lord. He conquers heat and cold by mastering breath-control and by controlling his nervous system

A yogi generates psychic heat in the body through the practice of Bhastrika Pranayama.

He can bear extremes of climates without discomfort.

Yogi’s body covered by cold sheet can be dried by the body’s heat.

A perfect yogi cremates his body in the end by the Yogi heat generated by his Kundalini power.

Instructions on Siddhis

  1. By the process of Hatha Yoga, the physical body is perfect in beauty, grace, strength and adamantine hardness. The power to resists extreme heat and cold (titiksha) or live without water and food come under the category of Kaya Sampat (perfection of the body)
  2. Since the body is perfect and firm the mind is also firm and one-pointed.
  3. Attainment of powers go according to the amount of concentration is held at different chakras and tattva awakening by the aspirant. In Kaliyuga the body and mind of vast majority are not fit enough.

    Nowadays, there are not many who have developed all powers, yes, when one gets certain powers, he stops there by the influence of Maya and due to false Tushti (satisfaction) uses the power for his livelihood, fame or for negative purposes and therefore is unable to proceed further in attaining perfection. It is not the fault of the Yogic Kriaya as such but the usage of its power.

To attain the above Swami Satyanand suggests”: fix the mind on some object within the body or outside and practice Dharana. Through Laya-Yoga concentrate with purity. Meaning some occultists who have tremendous concentration…lack good character….is the reason they do not make any progress in the spiritual line. All distractions have to be removed. Preserving the Veerya (ojas) is very essential…This is the ethical training and this is where the blunder is made. All sorts of fanticies in ‘thought construct’ will make his mind jump like money. Therefore, gaining Pratyahara..(Withdrawing the senses from the object) will help march in the spiritual path. On this structure one can built the super structure of Dharana and Dhyana and go into Laya Yoga…absorption within by focusing on your Istha Devta. Other methodologies are available too.

Concentration helps purify and calm the emotions strengthens the current of thoughts and clarifies the ideas. Material progress is assured and office work turns out well. What was hazy and cloudy decision wise becomes clear and easy within the metal grasp. Nothing is impossible…Through the law of association stick to one thought pattern and although it may seem difficult to stick to one thought happiness will enter once it’s realized.

Just as the law of gravitation, cohesion acts in the physical world, by the law of association, relativity, and contiguity transpires.

For this reason every time one reads the bhagvat Gita with concentration, a new insight is given, subtle esoteric meanings flash out and one understands the inner depth of philosophical significances lying in there in a new perspective. Without stress and tension and a tax free will power an indifferent attitude develops without emotions attached and gradually leads to self-realization.

Swamiji suggests:

One very important hint of Kundalini Awakening in Yoga is an essential point. Even in dreams, one must be free from lustful thoughts. Hastily jumping into higher yoga courses will get one nowhere without having this important item developed for spiritual progress.

In short, if one first separates oneself from the body and identifies with mind function there, by concentration one rise above body-mind consciousness and finally through Samadhi reaches the goal.

~ Beena Sharma

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