The Process of Meditation

The Process of Meditation by Swami Mounamurti


Mind in perfect equipoise and harmony experiencing consciousness devoid of sensorial impressions is totally in the multi dimensional Chidakash (mind space within), awestruck by the power of the light, Shakti.

The Charge is transferred during this process simultaneously from the mesmerising object of consciousness (The Light) to Mooladhara Chakra then emanates upward via Sushumna, the core of ones being.

This intensity and awakening is mind blowing, surrender to the manifesting energy is natural and nobody who has experienced it would forget it. One auspicious day or night it may arise spontaneously.

Laya represents the inner sanctum or void of totality that lies within the Ajna Chakra. The Shakti Marg (path) through Sushumna is the astral journey through light to the causal realm, accessible through deep piercing meditation.

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