Astral Warriors

By Swami Mounamurti Saraswati:The Astral warriors help us enter the higher spiritual realms which exist beyond the physical body. They are spiritual warriors who have risen above earthly matter, and are the ones who have chosen to traverse and conquer the esoteric frontiers of the astral plane and beyond. Great Yogis that have climbed to the pinnacle of the psychic and the spiritual realms exist multi-dimensionally for only one reason. Their mission is to be the silent channel of spiritual inspiration to humanity and have existed for eons beyond the veil of maya.

The astral warriors feel God's grace and presence always and derive their energy directly from the causal light of divine bliss which is the silent witness to the physical material world of name and form, and to the intermediary realms of the astral. Astral warriors are working behind the scenes for the good of mankind's spiritual evolution.

They accomplish their goals by utilizing their innate powers "known as Siddhis" and by conducting altruistic experiments and inspiring evolving human beings. The goal of life is to develop the experience of oneness with all of mankind, nature, the world around us, and to be one with GOD. To accomplish this mission the Yogic Masters who have conquered the goal of life, Samadhi, separate themselves from the physical and mental bodies and enter their psychic body through which they reach the soul.

They are the silent helpers of the Sadhaks, and the spiritual aspirants from all walks of life. They know no separating distinction of caste, gender, race, religion, sect, crede, tribe, nationality, prosperity, political ideals, philosophy, because from their lofty spiritual perspective we are all one. We are created with the potential to live in harmony with all of creation, though through the disharmony of the world we have forgotten our true mission in this very incarnation. True spiritual messengers keep relatively quiet, because they know that currently the main thrust of the world is financial economy or materialism. Spiritualism is intangible, unprofitable, so if this philosophy and practices were taken up by people en mass, economies would have to restructure their priorities.

There needs to be a quantum shift, a new paradigm that awakens the astral capabilities of mankind, so we may one day reach the causal bliss of our creator. For this reason there exist Maha Siddhas, Ascended Masters, Great Yogis, Gurus and their evolved disciples on the earthly plane. Many are perpetually in the highest Samadhi and live in seclusion in the Himalayas caves and elsewhere in India, Nepal and Tibet. I call them the Astral warriors.

They see beyond all superficial boundaries, and when good Karma and Samskaras prevail, one auspicious day when destiny takes a turn for the evolution of our consciousness, we may come us close to an astral warrior, a true yogi. We can use self effort to hasten their blessings and guidance by practicing, the deep reaching practices of Kriya Yoga or many of the other high Yogic Sadhanas. By trying to accelerate our spiritual evolution we attract their attention and holy gaze, which can transform our lives into the most wholistic and exciting adventure ever imagined. This is our birthright, and our journey of Self discovery.

On this path great patience, dedication, honesty with one self, and discipline is cultivated to expand our light and connect us with the pulse of the universe the Maha Kundalini. Once Kundalini is awakened even slightly we can see and experience perceptions beyond the five senses. Only if the Sushumna Nadi becomes full of light and Kundalini Shakti " The Mount Meru or spinal cord" has awakened will we have enough fuel to last our journey into the world of light, the inner astral and causal planes or realms of existence.

The Astral warriors mission is to help us overcome all obstacles that impede our connection with our inner selves. Only then may we become complete human beings. Sushumna is the runway, and the Kundalini is the supersonic Jet that transports us, or teleports us to the higher realms.

Be at one with yourself, and pray for their descent or Darshan to help us on our path, a path that goes beyond the body, mind, time, beyond countless incarnations, it is a path that we have travelled before, but we have forgotten its location and importance.

If we have ears to hear listen, if we have eyes to see, look. The inner eye will open through the light, and celestial sounds will appear on the path. Higher senses will awaken, revealing tranquillity and eternal bliss.

The Astral Body - 1927 Classic (a must read)

The Theosophical Publishing House
Published in 1927, reprinted in 1954 & 1965
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Although there are at present relatively few who possess direct, personal knowledge of the astral world, its life and its phenomena, yet there are many reasons for believing that this small group, of those who know these things from their own experience, is rapidly growing and is likely to be very largely increased
in the near future.

Psychic faculty, especially among children, is becoming less and less rare: as it gradually becomes accepted, and ceases to be regarded as unhealthy or "tabu", it is likely to increase both in extent and in intensity. Thus, for example, books have recently been published, and widely read, dealing with nature-spirits, better known as fairies, and showing even photographs of these dainty creatures and their work in the economy of nature: whilst any open-minded enquirer will experience little difficulty in finding people, young and old, who frequently see fairies, at work and at play, as well as many other entities and phenomena of the astral world.

Again, the enormous vogue of spiritualism has made the astral world and many of its phenomena objectively real and thoroughly familiar to many millions of
persons in every part of the globe. Physical science, with its ions and electrons, is on the threshold of the astral world, while the researches of Einstein and others are rapidly making acceptable the conception of the fourth dimension, which for so long has been familiar to students of the astral world.

In the realm of psychology, modern analytical methods give promise of being able to reveal the true nature of, at any rate, the lower fraction of man's psychic mechanism, confirming, incidentally some of the statements and teachings put forward by ancient Eastern books and by Theosophists and occultists of today. Thus, for example, a well-known author of books on psychology and psycho-analysis, recently informed the present writer that in his view the "complex" was identical with the "skandhâra" of the Buddhist system, while another psychologist of worldwide repute told a friend of the present writer that his psychological - not psychic - researches had led him irresistibly to the fact of re-incarnation.

These are some of the indications that the methods of orthodox Western science are leading to results identical with those which have for ages been common
knowledge in certain parts of the East, and which have, during approximately the last half-century, been rediscovered by a small group of individuals who, guided by Eastern teachings, have developed within themselves the faculties necessary for the direct observation and investigation of the astral (as well as higher) worlds.

It would be a platitude to remark that the acceptance by the world in general of the existence of the astral plane and its phenomena - which cannot be much
longer deferred - will inevitably and immeasurably enlarge and deepen man's conception of himself and his own destiny, as well as revolutionise his attitude
towards the outer world, including the other kingdoms of nature, physically visible and invisible. Once a man succeeds in establishing to his own satisfaction the reality of the astral world, he is compelled to re-orient himself, and to make for himself a new set of values for the factors which affect his life and determine his activities.

Sooner or later, but inevitably, the broad conception that merely physical things play a very small part in the life of the human soul and spirit, and that man is
essentially a spiritual being, unfolding his latent powers with the help of the various vehicles, physical, astral, and other, which from time to time he assumes
will displace all other viewpoints and lead men to a complete realignment of their lives.

A realisation of his own true nature, of the fact that through life after life on earth, with interludes in other and subtler worlds, he is steadily evolving and becoming more and more spiritual, logically and inevitably leads man to see that, if and when he chooses, he may cease from dallying with life and with drifting on the broad current of the evolutionary stream, and may instead assume the helm of his own life-voyage. From this point in the growth of his "awareness" of things, and of his own inherent possibilities, he will pass to the next stage, where he approaches the "ancient and narrow" Path, upon which he will find Those Who, outstripping their fellows, have achieved the maximum possible in purely human development.

These are They Who, eagerly, yet with limitless patience, wait for their younger brothers to come out of the nursery of ordinary worldly life into
their higher life where, with their guidance and assisted by their compassion and power, man may rise to the stupendous heights of spirituality to which they
have attained, and become in his turn a saviour and helper of mankind, thus speeding the mighty plan of evolution towards its goal.

Below is another great example of higher dimensions

Volume II Page 846
Sri Ramakrishna Math

The Master said: "One day I saw that, through Samadhi, my mind was going up by a luminous path. Going beyond the gross world studded with the sun, the moon and the stars, it entered first of all into the subtle world of ideas. The more it began to ascend to subtler and subtler strata of that realm, the more did I see beautiful ideal forms of deities existing on both sides of the path. It came gradually to the last extremity of that region.

I saw a barrier of light there separating the realm of the divisible, from that of the indivisible. Leaping over it, the mind entered by degrees the realm of the indivisible. I saw that there was no more any person or thing there having a form. As if afraid to enter there, even the gods and goddesses possessing heavenly bodies exercised their authority only over realms far below.

But the very next moment I saw seven wise Rishis having bodies consisting of divine Light only, seated there in Samadhi. I felt that in virtue and knowledge, love and renunciation, they had excelled even the gods and goddesses, not to speak of human beings. Astonished, I was pondering over their greatness when I saw before me that a part of the homogeneous mass of Light of the "Abode of the Indivisible", devoid of the slightest tinge of difference, became solidified and converted into the form of a Divine Child.

Coming down to one of those Rishis, and throwing its soft and delicate arms round his neck, the Divine Child embraced him, and afterwards calling him with its ambrosial words, sweeter than the music of the Vina, made great efforts to wake him up from his Samadhi. The Rishi woke up at the delicate and loving touch and looked on at that wonderful Child with half- shut eyes, free from winking.

Seeing his bright face, full of delight at the sight of the Child, I thought that the Child was the treasure of his heart, and that their familiarity was a matter of eternity. The extraordinary Divine Child then expressed infinite joy and said to him, "I am going, you must come with me"!

The Rishi said nothing at that request, but his loving eyes expressed his hearty assent. Afterwards, looking on the Child with loving eyes, he entered again into Samadhi. Astonished, I then saw that a part of the mind and body of that Rishi, corverted into the form of a bright light, came down to the earth along the reverse path.

Hardly had I seen Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) for the first time, than I knew that he was the Rishi.

"The individual Soul is like a microchip that is implanted by GOD,
it is like a point of light that wraps around itself".

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