Kundalini Research Project (KRP INDIA)
16th April 2013
Dear Friends of the KRP, TODAY is very auspicious day indeed as the KRP was registered NATIONALLY throughout INDIA, as a not for profit charitable organisation.
This means we can operate anywhere in India without any restrictions, (Nationwide not for profit charitable status throughout all of India).

Thankyou to the team that made this happen.



KRP The Brain

With limited resources I am soon undertaking a complete overhaul of the KUNDALINI RESEARCH PROJECT - WEBSITE (

A joint scientific research project was conducted in January 2015 between Centre for Biofield Sciences and the Kundalini Research Project. The scientific report of the Kundalini Research Project...

Satyam Yoga Centre is from today the 1st January 2016 merging with the Kundalini Research Project. Since July 1st 1998...

We are NOT about globalism but about joining hands,

Help bring in the real Spiritual Paradigm

Kundalini Research Project


Swamiji had an out of body experience as a child, and was later briefly introduced to Yoga as a teenager. Commenced seriously exploring Yoga Sadhana in 1981, and after five years of intensive...