The Kundalini Research Project stands for uncompromising integrity, and the highest ethical and moral conduct.

We are proud of the global reputation that the KRP are establishing, and are determined to protect our reputation and enhance it. It is with what this project stands for clearly in my mind that today I am outlining a KRP code of professional conduct for our scientific advisory committee.

It is intended for all who wish to join our scientific advisory committee (think tank) for the KRP, and will be revised and amended as needed from time to time.

Whilst KRP codes of conduct will also be agreed to by the eventual KRP EXPERIMENT subjects /participants before they partake in the actual experiment, the scientific and medical professionals who are associated with this KRP project will also have to agree to a code of professional conduct (which includes a confidentiality agreement).

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Whilst I am not a scientist or medical professional like you all are, I respect the professions which you all have come from and the professional approach to standards and ethics which the scientific and medical fraternities adhere to.

Ethical norms are essential for society, and it is no different when it comes to a global scientific think tank and collaborative work. Our collective success in this KRP experiment depends on each important person associated with this project. We have all read about well-known organisations, companies or institutions that have been brought to ruin by the unethical acts of just a few people, so we must vigilantly guard against anything similar happening to the KRP.

The KRP stands for unity in a rapidly changing often divided world, and it is this unity that will make a wonderful future for mankind. I believe as you also must do, that the ramifications of our altruistic scientific spiritual experiment (the KRP) will change the world and make it a better place. There are so many possible beneficial ramifications from our proposed experiment for humanity, that it is unethical not to do this experiment. Hence, this is why we are all here to make this important change happen.

Acting with integrity is not only good policy and good business ethos it translates into the spiritual dimensions of human personality and consciousness as well, as we all know.
Therefore with this in mind each of us must adhere to the letter, and spirit of the Code.

When I say this I also mean that we the KRP are dedicated to cracking the scientific code of Kundalini, and that as we are dealing with the spiritual force of the cosmos “The Kundalini Shakti” it will not be cracked by those not adhering to spiritual law. The spiritual law is what societies later developed their societies norms from. There have been so many twists and turns throughout time, now we have to get back to the common denominator (the Kundalini Paradigm) in all, to prove the universal spiritual law.

Professional Responsibility
As you all will be professional members of a particular scientific or medical association, I do not want to re-write and document here what you already would have agreed to undertake for acting in your chosen profession.

I feel that it is enough that I share some important relevant guidelines with you here “see below” that I have found in the public domain on the internet, and ask you to read this article and agree with its content and scope contained within “What is Ethics in Research? And why is it important? by David B. Resnik, J.D., Ph.D.


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This article establishes a coherent baseline in understanding as many of you will be from different countries from around the world, and would have seen different codes of ethics or professional conduct.

 In all walks of life there are codes of conduct, even on entry to the lofty ancient spiritual traditions that I belong to, I was given a written code of conduct that I have to live up to at all times.

Treatment of our KRP Brand
The Kundalini Research Project name, brand identity and Logo (and any other service marks we may adopt to identify our project) are powerful and valuable differentiating assets. Our words and actions as KRP people, and the decisions we make must support and advance the KRP name, brand identity, position of respect within society, and the KRP perceived personality.

The KRP goes into the public domain with one global brand name the “Kundalini Research Project”, and the people associated with the KRP must treat the brand in all activities and transactions in a globally consistent manner. No rights to use the Kundalini Research Project name of brand, should ever be granted to third parties except with appropriate approvals, and legal review.

Important Note:

KRP Logo and Brand Name use “by Scientific Advisory Committee members”
All KRP Scientific Advisory Committee members who accept this offer (see below) to join the Kundalini Research Project as active collaborating member of the Scientific Advisory Committee, are hereby given the right to use the KRP identifying Logo in KRP related marketing and/or correspondences.

Membership will be reviewed annually

Additionally if you use our a) Logo you are asked to use it, in an appropriately visible place along with your b) designation as “KRP Scientific Advisory Committee EXECUTIVE MEMBER”, with a c) link to the KRP WEBSITE.

This may be as part of an email signature, or as a part of an electronic document, or hardcopy documents.

 All members will also be listed with professional profiles on the KRP website under the KRP scientific advisory committee menu/page (soon to be updated), with a brief biographical summary and photograph.

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Accepting this Offer

Please complete the following details and return this signed document (all pages) back to me at your earliest convenience.

I hereby agree to abide by the code of professional conduct/ethics which the KRP have adopted (outlined in this document) for our KRP scientific advisory committee. This includes all confidentiality terms and guidelines outlined (including the hyperlinked bio ethics document) in this offer of admission to the scientific advisory committee of the Kundalini Research Project.

Legal Name

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Photo Identification
Please provide a photocopy of your photo ID

Yours Sincerely
Swami Mounamurti Saraswati (David Little)
Founder and CEO (Chairman)

JULY 2014

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