The Kundalini Research Project stands for uncompromising integrity, and the highest ethical and moral conduct. We are proud of the global reputation that the KRP are establishing, and are determined to protect our reputation and enhance it. It is with what this project stands for clearly in my mind that today I am outlining a KRP code of professional conduct for our future KRP Executive Committee

This document is intended to be an agreed guideline for all who wish to join a proposed Global KRP Executive Committee, which has a maximum membership of twenty five persons and minimum number of five. It clearly lays out the norms and expectations of membership to this committee, and the broader framework to which it operates in. This document will be revised and amended as needed from time to time.

Whilst KRP codes of conduct have also been developed and are being currently implemented for our KRP Scientific Advisory Committee, this is to advise all potential EC members that as well as the EC (Executive Committee) code of conduct which is being outlined here, there will also be a KRP code of conduct for the eventual KRP EXPERIMENT subjects /participants before they partake in the actual experiment.

I have great respect for professional standards and ethics and have seen what works first hand in large multinational organisations, and what eventually happens too many of those who think it can be omitted.

Ethical norms are essential for society, and it is no different when it comes to a global spiritual think tank and collaborative professional work.

Our collective success in this KRP experiment depends on each important person associated with this project. We have all read about well-known organisations, companies or institutions that have been brought to ruin by the unethical acts of just a few people, so we must vigilantly guard against anything similar happening to the KRP.

More than ever seen before the KRP stands for unity in a rapidly changing world, and it is this unity that will make a wonderful future for mankind. I believe as you also must do, that the ramifications of our altruistic scientific spiritual experiment will change the world and make it a better place. There are so many possible beneficial ramifications from our proposed experiment for humanity, that it is unethical not to do this experiment. Hence, this is why we are all here to make this important change happen.

Acting with integrity is not only good policy and good business ethos; it translates into the spiritual dimensions of human personality and consciousness as well.

Therefore with this in mind each of us must adhere to the letter, and spirit of the Code.

When I say this I also mean that we the KRP are dedicated to cracking the scientific code of Kundalini, and that as we are dealing with the spiritual evolutionary force of the cosmos “The Kundalini Shakti” it will not be cracked by not adhering to spiritual law. The spiritual law is what societies later developed their acceptable norms from. There have been so many twists and turns throughout time, now we have to get back to the common denominator (the Kundalini Paradigm) in all, to prove the universal evolutionary spiritual law.

Professional Responsibility
Many of you may have seen Codes of Conduct in the past if you have been a member of a professional organisation /association or a society, but as some may not I will outline the scope of expectations here for this online community “the KRP Executive Committee”.

ETHICAL DUTIES of all KRP Executive Committee (EC) Members

All KRP EC Members must at all times;

I. Act ethically

II. Act honestly, be straightforward and sincere

III. Not provide false, misleading or deceptive information to another member

IV. Be objective, fair and not allow prejudice or bias to override that objectivity

V. Be and appear to be free of any interest, which might be regarded as being incompatible with integrity and objectivity.

VI. Act in a lawful manner, and comply with laws that may apply from time to time

VII. Act at a minimum in accordance with the generally accepted standards of an executive committee member and carry out your work within the EC in accordance with the your technical or professional standards relevant to that work.

VIII. Perform EC duties diligently and with competence, maintain their level of competence, and only undertake work which they reasonably expect to be able to complete competently and in a timely manner.

IX. Disclose, and deal with any conflict of interest issues in an open and fair manner, and do not pay or accept secret commissions, either directly or indirectly.

X. Must uphold the strictest confidentiality, and not disclose any documents or discuss to any third parties, anything that is discussed within the executive committee

XI. Not to engage in any conduct that wrongfully brings disrepute to the KRP, its committee Members or the consumers of the KRPs products or services.

XII. Abide by the mission statement of the KRP as promulgated by the KRP from time to time.

XIII. Comply with the rules regarding display of the KRP Logo as promulgated by the KRP from time to time.

XIV. Not advertise in a way that is false, misleading or deceptive. Not advertise in a way which a) create false or unjustified expectations of favour able results; or b) consists of self-laudatory or misleading statements that are not based on verifiable facts; c) contains unidentified testimonials.

XV. Not induce or attempt to induce a breach of contract between a Client and the KRP.

XVI. Not denigrate another Member, nor any individual, company or profession in general.

XVII. At all times observe and be mindful the constitution of the KRP and any other guideline or standard formally approved and adopted by the KRP. (The KRP Constitution which will be shared on the KRP website)

XVIII. Conduct their Executive Committee business in accordance with the expectations of the position help within the EC, for example ordinary EC member and EC Office bearers

XIX. And are expected to promote the aims and objectives of the KRP, and to strive for the highest degree of professionalism in the practice of
Executive Committee management.

XX. And are expected to be active in the EC, and willingly share with fellow Members the lessons of their experience. (Activity will be monitored, and non-active members will have membership rights revoked)

XXI. And shall be responsible for actions of their employees (if applicable) and in their business relations with fellow members and clients

XXII. Conform to any EC training (free and will be online) as may be required by the KRP from time to time, if deemed necessary to retain membership of the KRP EC.

This Code of Conduct establishes a coherent baseline in understanding as many of you will be from different countries from around the world, and would have seen different codes of ethics or professional conduct. In all walks of life there are codes of conduct, even the lofty ancient spiritual traditions that I belong to I was given a written code of conduct that I have to live up to at all times.

Treatment of our KRP Brand
The Kundalini Research Project name, brand identity and Logo (and any other service marks we may adopt to identify our project) are powerful and valuable differentiating assets. Our words and actions as KRP people and the decisions we make must support and advance the KRP name, brand identity, position of respect within society, and the KRP perceived personality. The KRP goes into the public domain with one global brand name the “Kundalini Research Project”, and the people associated with the KRP must treat the brand in all activities and transactions in a globally consistent manner. No rights to use the Kundalini Research Project name of brand, should ever be granted to third parties except with appropriate approvals and legal review.

Important Note:

KRP Logo and Brand Name use “by Kundalini Research Project Executive Committee members”

All KRP Executive Committee members who accept this offer (see below) to join the Kundalini Research Project as active member of the Executive Committee, are hereby given the right to use the KRP identifying Logo in KRP related marketing, promotions, and/or correspondences. EC Membership will conditional and be reviewed annually

Additionally if you wish use our Logo you must agree to;

1) use in an appropriately visible place with your designation as “KRP Executive Committee Member (or Office Bearer designations if given)”, and
2) directly below your designation provide a hyperlink to the KRP WEBSITE homepage. This may be as part of an email signature, or as a part of an electronic document or hardcopy documents.

All members will also be listed on the KRP website under the KRP executive committee menu/page (soon to be updated), with a brief biographical summary and photograph.

Kundalini Research Project



“A Vision or aim which the spirit of people will seek to align with, is the first ingredient which the KRP already has”.
I have travelled and wandered in my spiritual life and have impartially observed people of many cultures. During 2011 I had the opportunity in Sweden during a period of Kriya Yoga Sadhana and Mouna (Absolute Silence) to think about my life and all that I had witnessed in it. During this period I had a Vision, and this Vision was about the KRP mission which I had heard about and was passionately interested in eighteen years earlier. I saw clearly what was going to start happening soon about the KRP, both in India and in other counties. Since then the infrastructure of the KRP master plan has started to slowly and methodically evolve.

It is well known that YOGA spreads like a FIRE, so now we have to develop the KRP masterplan until it is perfectly designed. Then we shall give the KRP Masterplan some small scale exposure to check the receptivity to our mission.

More people are receptive to Yoga than to Philosophy, so during the KRP rollout of our master plan we shall use the utility of YOGA to connect with many people from around the globe, and alongside with the YOGA propagation the KRP master plan will be rolled out across the world.

As well as Yoga Sadhana which will be taught and utilised throughout the KRP experiment, the KRP Trust (India) will begin publishing small booklets on Yoga (15-20 pages) and about the KRP. Yoga is a practical Science and we will send our KRP publications to institutions in India and around the world to get our message out to those that will align with us.

For at least 40 years the seeds for this KRP mission have been spreading in a small way, and now is the time to perfect our KRP master plan so that it will finally implemented and completed. We are uniquely poised and destined to succeed, as along with the growth of Yoga’s global success and acceptance we have spiritual evolution working also for us in every individual on this planet. Even the scientists who we must eventually work with to succeed with our KRP mission are evolving, as we are all essentially spirits with a mind and body that are subject to the laws of spiritual evolution.

Even people that are not highly intellectual should be able to understand the ulitity and necessity of our KRP mission. We want to connect with people and friends from every country on earth, from every strata of society without any distinction. If people can embrace the aims and mission of the KRP and understand its ulility and some of the benefits, people will come on board and join the KRP.

They will come from distant lands, at any cost or inconvenience because it is for their benefit. This is the law of spiritual evolution, and our mission is to work with spiritual evolution and implement the KRP masterplan as it is everyone’s destiny to hear about our great mission. This is the MAHA VIDYA of the creator, and to work on this project (or support our aims) is the unconscious duty of all that love Humanity.

Masses of people will come on board the KRP MISSION, but not before people know about it.

We must work together starting with the propagation (The points above) and it with this aim in mind I am now seeking out suitable people to join me, and the KRP mission as EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS of the KRP.




I am today advertising and seeking, expressions of Interest from suitably qualified and experiences persons from around the world that would like to join the newly formed EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the KUNDALINI RESERARCH PROJECT.

About the KRP Executive Committee
We are a currently a small group of highly dedicated KRP team members different countries around the world. Our mission (which you are requested to review on our website), is a global mission with a core emphasis “initially” on our KRP mission in India and if possible in other countries.
We are seeking to expand our EC to twenty five (25) global members who are experienced, skilled, energetic and dedicated people (male and female) and who that will offer their energy, intelligence, skill, devotion to the KRP cause and prana for free. There could be many possibilities in the future to make the EC MEMBERSHIP also financially viable after we secure adequate funding.

At this stage of the KRP’s infancy the EC will be action orientated, and also a global think tank to strategically steer the KRP in all aspects too full implementation of the global mission.
We wish people to join our executive committee who will work, carry out tasks/designated duties, not just intellectuals. We will also need consultants at some stage to join us on the executive committee, but we must at this point emphasise that this project needs dedicated people who will all work with helping drive this project home.

KRP Executive Committee is an opportunity
Opportunity is often said that opportunity only knocks once, so if you count this knock as an opportunity you would like to remember, do take up this expression of interest and let me know about what you would bring to the KRP Table.

We would like all potential KRP EC MEMBERS to submit/send me their Resume/CV. This should also include their spiritual background.

KRP executive committee duties could include;

• Writing up comprehensive EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING (ECM) AGENDA’S, and recording the MINUTE’S of all ECM’s, Annual General Meetings (AGM), and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).

• Working either independently or as part of an EC working group, on a particular KRP project.

• Working with the executive committee on strategic global KRP projects

• Managing a satellite network of globally affiliated KRP entities and individuals

• Arranging KRP marketing and promotional advertising campaigns globally

• Utilising your Fund raising and business development skills to develop and successfully spread the KRP mission into new areas that will benefit humanity

• Utilising your multimedia experience and skills to enhance the professional presentation of the KRP for all markets from grass roots level up to corporate entities, Universities, Governments.

• Utilising your business savvy, spiritual ethos, and entrepreneurial experience/skills to enhance the KRP mission

• Working closely with clients and all stakeholders and maintaining ongoing working relationships

• Working on strategic KRP alliances, KRP affiliations, KRP memberships, KRP collaborations

• Working with an elite scientific team, on cutting edge scientific research into Kundalini

I would like to ask ALL potential KRP EC members at the outset the following questions

Who would you like to introduce to the KRP? Do you have and known spiritual friends or colleagues who may align with the goals and mission of the KRP.
What can you do for the KRP executive committee, and KRP global mission?
When are you prepared to commence working with the KRP Executive committee?
Where would you spread the word of the KRP, apart from with the executive committee?
Why do you want to help the KRP mission?
How will you assist the KRP EC and mission, both initially and in the future?

For consideration to join the KRP EC please send to me via email along with a brief summary of your CV/Resume (outlining your skills and qualifications), your answers to the questions above and the following acceptance/signature page page12.

Accepting this Offer

Please complete the following details and return this signed document (all pages) back to me at your earliest convenience.

I hereby, agree to abide by the code of conduct /professional ethics “outlined previously in this document as the ETHICAL DUTIES of all KRP Executive Committee (EC) Members” which the KRP has adopted for our KRP executive committee and any confidentiality terms and guidelines outlined in this offer of admission to the executive committee of the Kundalini Research Project.


Legal Name
Please √





Employers Contact Details

Your Position/ Designation
Photo Identification Please provide a photocopy of your photo ID

Yours Sincerely
Swami Mounamurti Saraswati (David Little)

Founder and CEO (Chairman)

KRP The Brain