With limited resources I am soon undertaking a complete overhaul of the KUNDALINI RESEARCH PROJECT - WEBSITE ( www.kundaliniresearchproject.net) and the SATYAM YOGA CENTRE - WEBSITE (www.satyamyoga.com) commencing in July 2018, and have already commenced working on some important projects that have been put on the back burner since 2014.

These include online intermediate and advanced Yoga courses, and other projects (large and small) all related the the KRP Mission.

In February 2018 following my 7th visit to India over the last 30 years, important decisions were made to prioritise my time to accomplish these projects. Social media accounts were all recently deleted where I had been spending a lot of time over the past 9 years trying to help people on the spiritual path, so I can get back to my core focus without distractions. My new I Mac will be getting a workout as this is all rolled out.

Pranams to all truth seekers
Swami Mounamurti

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