KUNDALINI RESEARCH PROJECT (Not for Profit Charitable Organisation Status) - INDIA


Who? What? When? Where? Why?

These are the five important questions to ask yourself, before requesting to have an official affiliation with the Kundalini Research Project – Australia and India.


Q: Who can be an affiliate?

A: Any person over the age of 18 years of age may become an affiliate, subject to meeting the agreed criteria and having been granted a formal affiliation agreement. The term of the affiliation agreement will be annually assessed by the KRP under the terms and conditions as set out in the affiliation agreement.

This applies to all affiliation levels; Gold, Platinum, Bronze.


Q: What types of affiliations levels available?

A: See affiliation levels below

Gold Affiliation

  • A Gold level affiliation is available to international government level entities, large corporate organisations, and universities.

Platinum Affiliation

  • A Platinum level affiliation is available to medium and small business entities.

Bronze Affiliation

  • A bronze level affiliation is available to individuals.


Q: When should I become an affiliate with the Kundalini Research Project?

A: When you feel an overwhelming desire to help humanity and yourself evolve spiritually, you may choose to connect with the mission of the KRP through forming an official affiliation with the vision and mission of the KRP. The energy of their spiritual mission and the broader network of their global affiliates form a global family of unity and sustainable living. When you need assistance, clarity or spiritual guidance, the shared wisdom and energy being offered will tell you the time is right to connect through a deeper connection.


Q: Where are affiliations available?

A: Affiliations with the KRP are available in all countries throughout the world. Affiliation agreements can be given to individuals and to organisations/businesses although the eligibility criterion differs. There are no distinctions between geographical regions on earth; as such everyone is welcome to become an affiliate of the KRP.


Q: Why should I contemplate being and affiliate of the KRP?

A: The benefits of being an affiliate of the KRP are multidimensional, and are in line with the total personality of every human being on earth. We have scaled the benefits of our affiliation according to the Yogic concept of needs that relate to the Pancha Kosha theory.

  • Annamaya Kosha (Food Dependant Physical Body or Shealth)
  • Pranamaya Kosha (Bio Plasmic Energy Body or Sheath)
  • Manomaya Kosha (Subtle Mind Body or Sheath)
  • Vigyanamaya kosha (Psychic Body or Sheath)
  • Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss Body – Innermost dimension of Soul)

The SWAN theory or model of Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs should also be a question that you consider asking yourself (individual or entity) when considering our affiliation. The SWAN theory is very similar to the SWAT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions, Threats) theory/model that is a very successful business management theory. This model is deeply embedded in many businesses around the globe.

If you were to ask honestly, ask yourself the following questions, and write them down to review later;

What are my:

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. Ambitions and
  4. Needs

You can then refer the points to the benefits founds in the table (under development) of the Pancha Kosha theory/model.

Pancha Kosha Theory - Benefits to be thought about regarding an affiliation with the KRP

  • Annamaya Kosha (Food Dependant Physical Body or Shealth)
    Each affiliate will be kept up to date with the KRP’s cutting edge Kundalini research, and self development programs that will be centred around Kundalini Research and sustainable living.

    Affiliates will also enjoy % discounts on all products and services available through the KRP - India and its affiliated organisations throughout the world. Our scientific spiritual research team will develop the best lifestyle packages available including, but not limited to the following;

    Yoga Sadhana training, Retreats, Eco tourism, Spiritual tours, Avurvedic cooking, etc

  • Pranamaya Kosha (Bio Plasmic Energy Body or Sheath)
    Each affiliate will learn the most scientific methods available to rejuvenate their prana and bio energy body, through courses, newsletters, E seminars, Yoga Sadhana retreats etc
  • Manomaya Kosha (Subtle Mind Body or Sheath)
    Each affiliate will have access to the most scientifically validated mind management and mediation techniques available. A healthy mind means a healthy body.
  • Vigyanamaya kosha (Psychic Body or Sheath)
    Each affiliate will have access to techniques, products and services that will help facilitate their psychic development. This may be through Chakra Sadhana courses in Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc.
  • Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss Body – Innermost dimension of Soul)
    Each affiliate will have access to guided Yogic Sadhana, and spiritual lifestyle training which will in turn shift their awareness to a point of contact with their innermost spiritual core the Anandamaya Kosha. This is the Non Dual dimension of Sat Chit Ananda, and doorway to the highest dimension of existence. Total being. Total awareness.

Affiliation with the KRP is a totally unique, scientific and integrated approach based in wisdom of what constitutes a human beings totality.

Through this integrated approach of the total personality, the following occurs;

Total physical, pranic, mental/emotional, psychic and spiritual health and wellbeing are a natural outcome.


~Swami Mounamurti Saraswati

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