The vision for the KRP was originally given by an enlightened and self-realised Kundalini Yogi from Kashmir (India), Pandit Gopi Krishna in 1970. It was through the inspiration of Pandit Gopi Krishna that the framework for this monumental mission began to take shape back in the 1970’s, and with the help of Gopi Krishna’s close friends and colleagues from around the world the mission of the KRP began in earnest.

Close friends and colleagues of Pandit Gopi Krishna from the 1970’s through to the 1990’s, such as Gene Kieffer (Kundalini Research Foundation) and Visionary Indian Statesman Dr. Karan Singh (who was a Indian Government Minister) tried hard to actualise the KRP mission.Along with other colleagues such as George Tomkins laid the foundations in the 1990’s and sowed the seeds of the KRP around the world making people aware about the KRP mission.

It was through hearing about the KRP mission in 1994 personally through George Tomkins in Australia, and corresponding with George and also Dr. Karan Singh in 1995-1996, and through email/chat with Gene Kieffer in June 2011 that I felt inspired to try to help resurrect the KRP mission.

On the day I spoke to Gene on Facebook, I started a group which I thought might help resurrect the KRP known as the Kundalini Research Project Universal Evolution which later became renamed as the “ Kundalini Research Project (KRP 2012) Unversal Evolution”.Through the close friends which I had on Facebook, such as Beena Sharma (Bina Paul), Gene Kieffer we started this group.

We eventually formed a dedicated inner core of members which later formed the executive committee who had their inaugural meeting on 1st October 2011. Through this executive committee with the help of the Indian members, we formed and registered with the Indian Government a not for profit organisation/entity known as the Kundalini Research Project to help set up our Global base in India. With the dedicated core of executive committee members (multitalented skills) and well-wishers from around the globe wanting to help us, we see 2012 as the real year of establishing the KRP mission in India and further afield globally.

Swami Mounamurti Saraswati
KRP Chairman


Dr Karan Singh letter 23 May 1996

Dr Karan Singh letter about Kundalini Project

Swami Niranjan letter of support for Kundalini Project

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